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Farhang and his associates at HTS combined technical, commercial and operational competence to provide us with a holistic view of Mirada’s technology and positioning in its market. Farhang and the team were pleasant and responsive to work with and took a flexible and pragmatic approach as the project developed. We would have no hesitation using them again in a similar project.


Sam Gray, Partner,

Apposite Capital LLC


March 2024– United Kingdom

HTS brings Asset Criticality to Healthcare

HTS launches a new initiative to delivering savings and productivity growth in the NHS.
The HTS Asset Criticality Framework provides an in-depth understanding of the needs for and the relationship between disparate asset such as facilities, medical equipment and ICT infrastructure to deliver safe and cost-effective patient services. Through deployment of state-of-the-art data analytics technologies coupled with our team's expertise in full-life-cycle management of assets, HTS will be implementing asset criticality solutions in any healthcare setting. 

November 2023 – United Kingdom & New Zealand
UK Market Access 
HTS is working with the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NTZE) office in London to support Kiwi med tech companies with a range of consultancy and project management services to offer their products and services in the UK market.

July 2023 – London, United Kingdom
NHS Spend Analysis
HTS has joined forces with Camros Tech, a leading Norwegian software development and data science organisation, to provide insights and detailed analytics of the spend trends in medical products by the NHS. The output of this initiative informs and empowers both suppliers and purchases to drive better value in the highly complex med tech market.  

October 2022 – London, United Kingdom
Review of Electronic Health Records Management Systems

HTS is appointed by a one of the largest private equity organisations in the world to conduct an independent review of the market conditions and business opportunities in support of expansion of its digital health portfolio.  This assignment included a detailed review of the current state and future requirements for Electronic Healthcare Records Management Systems (EHR) in the Integrated Care Systems (ICS) setting.  The output of our work includes recommendations on strategic development of the Client’s digital health portfolio to meet the needs of the rapidly changing integrated healthcare landscape.

February 2022 – United Kingdom
Creation of Althea UK Supply Solutions Division (AUKSS)

HTS was invited by Althea UK and Ireland, an established £100m supplier of integrated healthcare technology solutions, to develop a new business line focused on offering high quality and commercially competitive medical consumable supplies. Working in partnership with Althea, HTS conceived and implemented Althea UK Supply Solutions (AUKSS) by setting up resilient and highly accredited international supply chains, winning numerous major NHS and public sector tenders, and building a solid foundation for a long-term and sustainable business.

November 2021 – London, United Kingdom
Development of Asset Management Strategic Roadmap for NCL ICS

HTS was invited to assist North Central London Integrated Care System (NCL ICS) with development of its medical technology and clinical engineering asset management strategy.  Covering 5 London boroughs, 7 major NHS trusts and a large primary and community care network serving 1.6 million residents, NCL ICS faces significant challenges in delivering efficient and cost-effective services across its patch supported by a number of clinical engineering organisations.  HTS reviewed and developed a high-level view of the current state, captured and analysed the key issues, risks and challenges facing Clinical Engineering services within the NCL Trusts, assisted with prioritisation of key Clinical Engineering objectives for the NCL Trusts and produced recommendations for development of a detailed ICS-wide roadmap for the management of medical devices and based on the HTS mature asset criticality framework.

August 2021 – Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Due Diligence 360 on Clinical Service Provider 

HTS delivers yet another successful assignment to the global med tech giant Canon Medical Systems!  
Canon Medical System UK (CMSUK) and Canon Medical Systems Europe (CMSE) appointed HTS to conduct a 360-degree due diligence on a potential partner for provision of medical services at Canon’s Park Community Arena, UK’s first sustainable, carbon neutral-built community arena with multi-purpose sports facility and integrated Medical Diagnostics Centre to improve health and wellbeing in South Yorkshire. 
HTS conduced a detailed review of all operational, clinical, technical and compliance capabilities of the potential clinical partner with final report and recommendations presented to the Canon Medical Boards in the UK, Europe and Japan.

June 2020 – New South Wales, Australia 
Asset Criticality Assessment Framework

HTS joins forces with GHD Advice to deliver state-of-the-art asset criticality assessment methodologies and tools for New South Wales Health Infrastructure (NSWHI).  Covering all medical equipment and infrastructure systems, our work will empower our client with development of service-oriented investment strategies decisions as well as operational decisions across the entire New South Wales healthcare facilities. 

April 2020 – London, United Kingdom
Covid-19 Response support for the British Government

HTS is supporting the British government’s Covid-19 response by sourcing high quality accreditation medical supplies. Working with North West London NHS ICS, Partners Procurement Service and HMG Cabinet Office, we are facilitating procurement of critical supplied to meet the NHS needs during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

April 2019 – United Kingdom, Europe & Japan
Canon Medical Systems Brexit Readiness Programme

HTS is appointed by Canon Medical Systems (CMS), the $4bn medical business of Canon Inc, to develop and deliver the company’s Brexit Readiness Programme. As one of the largest suppliers to the NHS and the UK healthcare market, CMS diagnostic imaging equipment and solutions are critical to delivery of healthcare services across the board.  Our work is covering 11 workstreams with stakeholders across the global Canon Medical Systems business.  


March 2018 - London, United Kingdom

Rapidly Deployable Integrated Diagnostic Facilities

HTS leads development of rapidly deployable, scalable and fully integrated diagnostic and primary care clinics in association with Canon Medical Systems UK.

September 2017 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Asset Management in Cambridge University Hospitals

Dr Farhang Daemi and Professor Paul White present a joint paper on 5 years of work on development and implementation of a comprehensive medical equipment asset management programme across Cambridge Universities NHS Foundation Trust, resulting in significant efficiencies and millions of pounds in savings at the Building Healthcare conference in Dubai.

August 2017 - Cambridge, United Kingdom

Children Activity Prosthesis

HTS provides consultancy and project design services to a major project supported Department of Health (DoH) and National Institute for Healthcare Research (NIHR) Healthcare Technology Cooperatives in relation to a national survey of technology and needs analysis for Children Activity Prosthesis.

June 2017 - London, United Kingdom

Commissioning of The Imaging Centre 

HTS provides strategic advice and programme management services for commissioning of The Imaging Centre, a flagship diagnostic imaging and sports medicine facility based at the Hive football and sports grounds in London.

February 2017 - United Kingdom and India

Indo UK Medicities and Clinics

HTS leads a major bid by Toshiba Medical Systems (now rebranded as Canon Medical Systems) to become the leading technology partner to Indo UK Institute of Health (IUIH) worth over £100 million.

May 2016 - Cambridge, United Kingdom

Med Tech Commercialisation Toolkit

HTS is working with National Institute for Healthcare Research (NIHR) Healthcare Technology Cooperative (HTC) in Cambridge to develop a detailed Roadmap and Toolkit for commercialisation of medical devices and technologies coming out of the NHS and UK startup companies.


March 2016 - London & Middle East

Product Development Review

HTS will conduct a comprehensive review of the NDA Group’s product roadmap and software development processes ahead of CE accreditations.  The assignment will also include advice on optimisation of the product roadmap and cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions and services.


January 2016 -  London & Middle East

Digital Health Solutions for the Middle East

HTS has signed a long term agreement to provide TechnoPartners Ltd and associated companies with strategic and operational advice for offering best-in-class healthcare technology solutions and services in the Middle East, including:

  • Digital Medicine & Healthcare ICT solutions

  • Hospital Automation & Service Performance Management

  • Hospital-in-a-Box (Turn-Key Integrated Design & Commissioning)

  • Hospital Enterprise Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Radiology & Imaging Managed Equipment Services

  • Medical Education & Professional Development


June 2015 - London

£50 million contract win

Following a complex 12 month consultancy and bid management assignment, HTS delivers success to its client Tech Mahindra Corporation by securing a 10 year £50 million IT outsourcing contract from Circle Health.  The deal includes managed infrastructure services, a wide range of clinical and business solutions and on-boarding of the entire Circle IT team in a dedicated UK subsidiary company. Tech Mahindra is a$4 billion global IT company with over 100,000 employees in 51 countries.

July 2014 – London
HTS new assignment on Medical Technology Asset Management

HTS is appointed by NHS Supply Chain to conduct a comprehensive evidence-based study of clinical, financial and operational benefits of timely replacement of CT, MRI and Radiotherapy equipment in the NHS.


May 2014 – Cambridge
Healthcare IT investment advice 

HTS is appointed by Cambridge Healthcare Ltd as the Board Advisors in relation to the company’s technical, operational and commercial matters.

April 2014 – London
Healthcare Facility Design & Commissioning

HTS is appointed as the lead advisors in relation to feasibility study and commissioning of new facilities at Nuada Medical Group


January 2014 - Cambridge
HTS appointed as the Technology Intelligent Client at The Forum Cambridge

HTS has been appointed to provide consultancy and management services for the Technology commissioning programme of the Forum Cambridge.

Forum Cambridge, a joint venture between John Laing Investments and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is a highly prestigious development located at the heart of Cambridge Biomedical Campus.  It will comprise a 90 bed private hospital with 6 theatres and full imaging suite, a state-of-the-art post-graduate medical education centre, a 550-seat conference centre and a 198 room 4 star hotel. 

Technology promises to be a major differentiator throughout the Forum, from state of the art clinical systems and medical equipment to converged building management and IT infrastructure.

November 2013, London
Dr Peter Jarritt joins HTS as the Executive Director of Medical Technology 

With more than 20 years’ experience directing and delivering a comprehensive range of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering services at the highest level, Peter will support business development and new public and private sector assignments of the HTS Medical Technology Practice. 

Dr Farhang Daemi, founder and CEO of HTS, said, ”We are delighted that Peter has decided to join HTS at a very exciting time.  Over the past 2.5 years we have delivered significant value to our clients based on our unique mix of understating clinical operations, commercial acumen and deep technical expertise that spans from medical device to healthcare information technologies. Peter brings with him a wealth of experience and achievements that will be central to development of our business and offering even better value to our clients.”

Remarking on his new role, Peter Jarritt said, “Having worked closely with HTS at Addenbrooke’s Hospital to deliver significant capital and operational savings, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to join the team. The knowledge and understanding of the team is exceptional.” 


September 2013 - Healthcare IT Procurement

HTS has been commissioned by the NHS Supply Chain to produce an independent assessment of the needs of the NHS Acute Trusts in procurement of IT systems, services and infrastructure.  The assignment, which will include detailed discussions with a wide range of stakeholders, is expected to be completed by December 2013.


July 2013 – Technology Asset Management

HTS is leading delivery of the Phase 2 of Medical Equipment Management project covering full life-cycle management of medical equipment assets at Cambridge University NHS Foundation Trust (CUHFT). The project is part of the CUHFT’s Transformation programme and is expected to result in major and sustainable savings.


July 2013 – Smart Procurement

HTS leads procurement of multiple Radiology equipment with a combined saving of 17.6% at Cambridge University NHS Foundation Trust.


July 2013 – Smart Procurement

HTS leads delivery of 9.8% savings in procurement of two state-of-the-art CT scanners at Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


June 2013 – Med Tech Smart Value

HTS delivers 11.6% savings into the Cost Improvement Programme (CIP) of the Division of Investigative Sciences at Cambridge University NHS Foundation Trust.


May 2013 – Healthcare Technology

HTS supports Cambridge University NHS Foundation Trust (CUHFT) and Finnamore Consulting with successful selection of the preferred partner to deliver a landmark complex called the Forum (About The Forum) on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.


April 2013 - IMCT Success

HTS assists Asteral Group with development of its IMCT strategy and successful implementation of a new Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System.


October 2012 – Hospital Commissioning

HTS leads the pilot phase of Universal Hospital Information Model (UHIM) project in collaboration with Circle, Attainia, Bryden Wood  and Gehry Technologies.  The pilot is a showcase of our unique and efficient methodologies for commissioning of complex healthcare facilities based on highly advanced cloud-based collaborative environments.  


June 2012- Med Tech Smart Value

HTS delivers 22% savings at King Edward VII’s Hospital in outsourcing of medical equipment maintenance services.


June 2012 - Med Tech Smart Value

HTS delivers 48% savings in outsourcing of medical equipment maintenance services and a further 24% in saving in procurement of Ultrasound equipment at Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth.


May 2012 - Med Tech Asset Management

HTS advises TBS (Italy) on detailed financial audit of the Medical Technology Assets of an Indian hospital group.


April 2012 – IMCT Strategy

HTS develops the IMCT strategy for SureCalm Ltd covering deployment of modern Patient and Material Management Systems (PRM & MMS)

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