Commercial Advice

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We provide investors, startups, SMEs and Multinational companies with expert advice and hands-on support across a wide range of commercial matters.


With a unique combination of expertise covering the full spectrum of healthcare & medical technologies and decades of experience in commercial and clinical operations, our commercial advice services include:

  • 360-degree due diligence of the investment opportunities

  • Investor representation and board advisory

  • Detailed technical and commercial assessment of health tech organisations, ranging from startups to new technology initiatives in large companies

  • Development of commercial strategies, business marketing plans

  • Technical, commercial, and operational health check on behalf of the investors and the Board

  • Commercialisation roadmap of health tech products and service covering all disciplines and workstreams

  • Advice and enablement of development and validation Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions in real market and clinical settings

Project References & Case Studies

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Apposite Capital LLP & Mirada Medical

Due Diligence 360: Provision of Comprehensive Due Diligence for Health Technology Investors

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NIHR & University of Cambridge Judge Business School

Commercialisation Toolkit for Healthtech Startups

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Palmdale Ventures

Comprehensive Commercial, Operational and Technical Assessment & Shareholder Representation