Procurement & Mobilisation

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Smart joined-up procurement & mobilisation is on our DNA. 

Building on dozens of landmark projects and assignments, we provide our clients with extensive expertise to initiate, manage and deliver procurement and mobilisation projects of any size & shape.

With a focus on delivering smart value, we work with stakeholders at all levels to ascertain fit-for-purpose requirements, initiate and manage compliant procurement processes, and design and manage agile mobilisation programmes to deliver within budget and time.

Our work includes:

  • Smart joined-up technology procurement covering med tech, health tech, IT infrastructure, buildings & facilities, medical and infection control and all other needed support services

  • Delivery of significant savings and efficiencies built upon our asset management credentials

  • Design, construction, and delivery of rapidly deployable, scalable and integrated healthcare facilities

  • Commissioning & mobilisation of healthcare facilities, from small clinics to large hospitals and medical cities

Project References & Case Studies

11-NHS Cambridge University

Cambridge University & Papworth NHS Foundation Trusts

Smart Procurement of Major Medical Equipment resulting in over £1m in savings

16-King Edward VII-new.png
15-St John & St Elizabeth.jpg

King Edward VII Hospital & Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth

Procurement of EBME Equipment Maintenance Services & Various Medical Equipment


Nuada Medical Group


Mobilisation of New Surgical & Diagnostic Imaging Facilities

20-Forum Cambridge.png

Forum Cambridge

Development of a Comprehensive Technology Strategy & Implementation Programme


Circle Health

Commissioning and Mobilisation of Several Landmark Healthcare Facilities Across the UK


Asteral (now Althea Group)

Procurement of Business Critical IT Solutions